What is WiFi 6E?

New mobile devices and computers are released each year boasting support for the latest generation of WiFi technology. The iPhone 13 Pro supports WiFi 6. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra supports WiFi 6E. What does that all mean? And what are the benefits of the newest generation, WiFi 6E?

5 Technology Tricks to Increase Direct Bookings 

While working for an independent hotel booking engine company, I quickly learned the many challenges of convincing consumers to book directly versus booking with an Online Travel Agent (OTA). Many seasoned hoteliers have figured out online strategies to encourage direct booking, but not all these tactics easily apply to the vacation/short-term rental industry. So, let’s…

Our Bucket List of Unique Lodging

Traditional hotels are a great and reliable option, but sometimes you just want to explore and stay in a place that is totally different. From teardrops in the trees in Nova Scotia to a hobbit hole in Washington, here is our list of unique places to stay that we are dying to visit!

Digital Transformation

A huge buzzterm in business today is “Digital Transformation.” It’s not just moving from using paper to Microsoft Word, or using Zoom for meetings! The Enterpriser’s Project defines it as: “the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.”