New Wi-Fi Password Features in iOS 16

Apple released iOS 16 on September 12, 2022. This major update includes several new features like Lock Screen customization, editing and unending iMessages, dictation improvements, Live Text in video, and more. The features we want to focus on are of course around Wi-Fi!

View Wi-Fi Passwords

iPhone users have long been able to easily share Wi-Fi passwords with friends and family. iOS 16 takes this a step further and now allows you to reveal the password for any Wi-Fi network you’ve joined.

Simply tap the info icon for the Wi-Fi network, then tap the password field and the password will be revealed:

You’ve been able to do this for a while on Android, so this is a nice addition.

Known Networks Editing

Apple’s description of this new feature:

The Known Networks list in Wi‑Fi settings lets you delete known networks and quickly view network information.

You can now view and edit a list of every Wi-Fi network your iPhone has saved. Simply tap “Edit” at the top the main Wi-Fi screen in Settings and you get this list:

From here, you can hit the “i” to view more info (including the password), or you can remove networks. This is a very welcomed addition to iOS, and just one of the many smaller features Apple added or modified in iOS 16.

Matt Corkum
Matt Corkum