Three Must-Visit Places in Maine

Maine is the most northeastern U.S. state, known for its rocky coastline, maritime history and nature. You can find natural attractions like The Granite and Spruce Islands of the Acadia National Park. It’s also the endpoint of the Appalachian Trail

There are a number of beautiful towns and cities to visit as well. Three can’t-miss places are:

  1. Bangor, Maine

    This is the home of the king of horror, Stephen King, and has popular attractions such as the American Folk Festival. The town’s eerie history is also a draw for history buffs and ghost hunters. Some walking tours take participants along Central Street — where FBI agents had one of the bloodiest street battles in Maine’s history with most-wanted man Al Brady and his gang in 1937. And the guided Ghostly Bangor Walking Tours highlight the city’s spooky spots that have reports of unexplained paranormal activity. 

  2. Camden, Maine

    Camden Harbour, Camden, Maine.

    This small town is quintessential Maine, with a population of roughly 5,000 people. Camden has beautiful, postcard-perfect harbors, state parks, and majestic mountains. There are lots of artists and artisans who have open studios, for a relaxing and beautiful getaway. 

  3. Freeport, Maine

    Maine succeeded from Massachusetts to become a separate state back in 1820, and it all started in Freeport. Once a hotbed for the mackerel-packing and shipbuilding industries, this town has become a shopping mecca and home to sporting goods giant L.L. Bean. In addition to more than 100 retail shops (several that sell Maine-made products), Freeport has its quiet spots for visitors, such as the South Freeport Town Wharf where tourists can mingle with the locals. 

Of course, we all need to access WiFi while on vacation to share all the great pictures and keep in touch with family. Below is a link where you can find a list of all the public libraries in Maine and access free Wi-Fi: