What are Private Network Groups (PNGs)?

When you have a lot of people connecting to a network, many issues can arise. Can people add multiple devices to the network? Do they have to go to the IT department or submit a ticket to get on the network? How do you decide on bandwidth? How do you keep everyone secure? Private Network Groups (PNGs) are an excellent option to help reduce security issues and automate or offload some of the time-consuming processes like adding a device to the network. This technology is powerful when deployed in situations like university residences, bring your own device (BYOD) networks, multi-tenant offices, incubators, and start-up labs.

PNGs provide individuals with a private network group that allows them to customize their network experience. They can onboard their own devices without the assistance of technical support. Instead, they use their existing credentials (i.e. student numbers, staff access codes, etc.) to access a portal and complete a simple onboarding process.

PNG example. © 2022 SolutionInc

This essentially gives users an “at-home” experience. Some key benefits of PNG functionality, like our RezNet product for educational institutions, include:

  • At Home Experience
    Users can add devices like a game system or smart TV stick on their own, without the need of an IT ticket.
  • Easy to Use
    Ensuring that users can easily onboard and manage their devices is important to our customers to minimize their need to assist end-users. Our system has been designed simplistically to ensure ease of use for any user demographic.
  • Cost Savings
    Capitalize on operational savings through user self-management and automation.
  • Added Security
    Providing users with their own PNG ensures that they have a secure space for all their devices, separate from other users on their network.
  • Self-Service
    Puts users in the driver’s seat, empowering them to manage their own PNG. This means less demand on network specialists.
  • Seamless Roaming
    Allows users to roam a campus or building while remaining on the network, ensuring they never have to reconnect. This gives them continuous access to their PNG ensuring ease of use.


A Private Network Group (PNG) is a network for a user on your infrastructure that encapsulates them in a VLAN. This follows them around the network/campus/property. With our RezNet solution for campuses, we provide them with a portal that allows the student to make changes to their PNG, such as adding devices, removing devices, set-up a printer or a headless device (i.e. Chromecast or gaming device). Managing their PNG does not require any assistance from an IT staff member, minimizing the amount of work the IT department has to do. The abilities and limitations of the network are entirely based on business rules set up by the client.

Private Network Groups are a fantastic option for many different industries. They provide security, reduce overhead support costs, and give users an “at home” experience that they will appreciate, creating positive brand connections for the client.

Matt Corkum
Matt Corkum

Digital Content Manager, SolutionInc