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How To Easily Share Your WiFi Password with Friends and Family Between Apple Devices

“What’s the WiFi password?” We’ve all heard or said it, and if the router has a good, secure password, it can be annoying to type in a string of letters, numbers and symbols. If Apple devices are involved, however, it can be relatively painless!

There are a few things that have to be done for the magic to happen, but luckily you might already be set:


If all the above is done, then it’s as simple as the other person tapping on the WiFi network they want to join. You’ll receive a pop-up on your device asking if you want to share the password:

Boom – the other person is automatically logged into the network. The password is never shown. The cool thing is this works for any WiFi network you’ve joined, not just your own home network.

Here’s a video from Apple Support:

Written by: Matt Corkum, Digital Content Manager.

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