Hotels Must Continue to Embrace Technology in a Post-COVID World

The Vacation Rental industry has leveraged technology to become a behemoth in the tourism industry. It seems like overnight guests went from finding cottage rentals by word of mouth to having unlimited choices via an app on their smartphones. Not only that, but vacation rentals often utilize smart technology for properties, like smart locks & thermostats, auto joining WiFi networks, and so on.

While hotels have long embraced the Internet for booking, they have had to adapt much more slowly to smart technology trends.

The hotel industry is beginning to shift and embrace more innovative tech solutions to adjust to the global climate. Tech innovation was already on the horizon for the industry, and it’s being pushed forward faster by the pandemic to accommodate guests and safety requirements. 

Luca Zambello, Co-Founder & CEO of Jurny

Contactless check-in, smart locks, digital assistants and branded apps are just a few bits of tech that hotels have leaned heavily into since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep guests interested, and to stay competitive with tech-savvy vacation rentals, hotels need to continue to embrace tech. Though there are overheard costs associated, it can also lead to cost savings over time.

Although traditionally slow to adopt new technology, hotels hurried at the start of the pandemic to offer solutions that comply with social-distancing requirements and reassure guests. Contactless technologies, such as remote check-in services, keyless entries, and virtual concierge service, will likely endure after COVID-19 dissipates. Not only do these tech tools reduce a hotel’s overhead costs, but many consumers have come to expect these conveniences.   

David Phillips, Co-Founder and President of Jurny

With more and more hotel companies entering the vacation rental market, there should be some crosstalk and learning between divisions. Hopefully this means the technology-related benefits and amenities that vacation rentals have been quick to implement will be make their way to hotels.

Whether it is to create a keyless entry to a hotel or to book a stay in a nontraditional setting, properties that offer convenience via apps will appeal to investors, tenants, and travellers alike.

David Phillips, Co-Founder and President of Jurny

Written by: Matt Corkum, Digital Content Manager.

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