Do’s and Don’t’s – Smart Locks for Your Vacation Rental

Smart Locks have many benefits to vacation rental owners, managers, and guests Not all solutions are for everyone though. Here are our tips for choosing and using smart locks in your vacation rental.


Smart Locks are a relatively affordable investment for your vacation rental. Here are Hostaway’s list of top benefits:

No more keys

Save time

Provide guests privacy

Monitor access

Extra security

OTA integration

A smart home

PMS integration

Hostaway – Best Vacation Rental Smart Locks 2022


There are several types of Smart Locks. The main difference you need to consider though is which technology they use. The type of lock you choose depends on where your WiFi router is and which other devices you have in your property.

Remote Lock breaks down the types of connectivity and they do a great job of explaining how remote locks work:

Key on Card

Remotelock – How do smart locks really work?

Do: Take a look at your property, your network, your other devices, and your PMS and then decide which technology will work best for you.

You Need Good WiFi

The bottom line is this: regardless of which smart lock you choose, you will need a solid WiFi connection to ensure it works and that there are no embarrassing or costly mistakes when it comes to your guests accessing their rental.

Our advice: hire an expert to ensure you have an excellent WiFi solution that allows you or a service provider to remotely manage your network and smart devices.

Don’t: Manage your WiFi yourself or leave your router in an accessible place. Hire an expert. Check out our blog post The Owner Manages the WiFi – Why This Will Hurt Your Vacation Rental and watch the video below:

Which One Should You Buy?

One of our many partners is Operto. They have a fantastic list of smart locks in their blog post. Check it out, and consider their services. They offer “Technology that perfectly bridges the gap between leveraging operating expenses with providing value to guests.”

Written by: Matt Corkum, Digital Content Manager.

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