Are you in Control of your In-Suite Guest Entertainment Costs?

Written by: Robin Veinotte, Director of New Ventures

You need to have great guest entertainment technologies. As a vacation rental property manager, you understand that having a poor internet connection has a huge impact on a guest’s likelihood to book again, regardless of other features or amenities that you offer. Your guests expect your Wi-Fi to be fast and reliable and your TV services must offer the news, sports, major networks and kids content.  Managing all of these services on your own is not only time consuming – but it means that you’re likely missing opportunities.

Here is a story that has just happened to a quite a few of our non-customers that you may already be familiar with (we’ll use Property X as an example):

Property X – No Centralized View

Property X does not have a centralized view on all of their expenses related to in-suite connectivity (monthly internet and cable fees, charges made by guest for PPV content, etc). In fact, there is no centralized management strategy or plan to start one.

The internet and cable bills are coming in for each individual unit and there are services with multiple cable and internet carriers. Each of these carriers have different terms, different phone numbers, and different contract policies and start dates. The list goes on. Man power is diminishing significantly in order to cut costs so there is no one on hand to action a plan right now, even if there was one.

Property Y – Properly Managed

On the flip side, here is what our existing customers have experienced (here is Property Y):

We have Property Y’s internet and cable accounts centrally managed, meaning that we have full access to make adjustments to their accounts and provide them with a single bill for these services. We have discussed which properties they need to pause or vacate and are able to pause, cancel or reduce these costs in 1-2 weeks (dependent on the number of units).

Since we have completed this work for them, their team is able to focus on other pressing matters related to helping them weather the storm. With the pre-pandemic work that we did for them, even with our managed services they are still saving double digit percentages on their in-suite technology. We were able to mitigate the stress and worry of what is obviously a stressful and challenging time for many.

We believe whole-heartedly in our Managed Wi-Fi and everything that it offers, but our centralized billing is proving monumental for many short term and vacation rental management companies. We wish that we had the time to focus on helping these companies grow, but doing our part to help them through this challenging time is equally as satisfying. And we will be here at the end of this pandemic to help you build your business back to even more glory.

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