SolutionInc Sponsors the Discovery Awards

Written by: Mark Landy, Software Developer at SolutionInc

The Discovery Awards” is an annual event that took place last month and is organized by the Discovery Centre (a science museum in Halifax) and a large group of sponsors. A small group of SolutionInc employees had the great privilege to attend this event alongside some of the scientific community’s greatest innovators as well as some of the most well-known faces in Halifax, including the Mayor. As a software developer, it is not very often that I have an opportunity to attend awards ceremonies or networking events, but it was apparent to me that this one had a focus on the members of the scientific community that were being honored. I did not feel out of place, as I thought I might, recognizing one of the nominees as a former professor of mine and many other faces from my university days.

The nominees were each highlighted in an overview video showing their accomplishments and giving some background into their story. A common thread was easily identified between the nominees; these people all worked tirelessly to improve their community. All of the nominees were incredibly driven individuals or teams that used science and technology to help, and inspire, others. Two of the award winners worked on projects to provide clean water to communities, approaching the problem in very different ways. A standout was the recipient of the youth award, Om Agarwal, an 11th grade student who has been applying technology to problems in new ways to help people all over the world since the age of 16.

The entire event was a testament to the thriving academic, technological, and scientific communities that exist in Halifax. It was very inspiring to see so many people coming together to honor some of the notable members of these communities and reminded me of all of the great things made possible by technology. The Discovery Centre’s impact was also highlighted during the event.  It was one of my favorite places to visit growing up and definitely had a huge impact on my love of science. It is great to see them continuing to play that role in many peoples’ lives, regardless of age.



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