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How to Ensure Successful Wiring of Your Vacation Rental

Written by: Robin Veinotte, Director of New Business Ventures

There is a new trend in the Vacation Rental space that is causing a lot of managers and builders to scratch their heads and seek an educated professional’s opinion. That trend is: converting old apartment buildings, or building new ones, and turning them into “hotel-like” vacation rental buildings. Everything, including your WiFi network, becomes increasingly complex and requires more robust commercial hardware when you take on a project like this. Guest expectations are raising and this shifts the industry even further into a traditional hospitality model with a little Vacation Rental flare.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you our recommendations on how to wire your Vacation Rental building to ensure the smoothest guest experience along with minimizing those pesky surprise costs.  Note that we want to make it easy to run a “hotel-like” environment while preserving the ability to convert back into a residential building if that’s a possibility in the future. Don’t forget to take a look at our other blog post that provides tips on things to consider when building a WiFi network.

Recommendations (and don’t worry, we have pictures):

#1 There should be one “main” data room in the building servicing the property along with a smaller data closet on each floor of the building. Any commercial property would have one main data room because in these deployments the core of the equipment is kept out of the guest rooms, minimizing the need to place hardware in the guest rooms.

This is contrary to residential Vacation Rental properties, as your suppliers install routers, mini switches, etc, in each unit for segregation of client data and to simplify the install process. It may also differ if you have multiple units (but not all) in a single building or if you have multiple units spread out geographically.


#2 Ideally, you should have a main data room which should meet the following specifications:


#3 All the other floors within the building should have a data closet 4x6ft. We recommend a small data closet on each floor to easily manage all of the technology on each floor.


#4 Each unit within the property will also need a certain amount of technology to ensure the highest guest experience.


Bedroom Example:


Living Room Example:


Summary Floor Plan:


#5 As with many hotels, the property could feature additional amenities to their guests. These could include free lobby WiFi, WiFi or TV access in gyms, common areas, staff rooms, room tops, etc. You should make sure to include this when discussing your cabling options so that these areas are included in your scope and to avoid any surprises.


Our deployment experts have accumulated years of industry knowledge enabling us to generate this information to ensure that any commercial WiFi network deployment is done to the highest standards. Sharing these details with your builders, cabling companies, or project managers will help to ensure that your building is set-up appropriately to match your needs and guest expectations. Or better yet, contact us and we will customize this plan to meet your specific needs to ensure that your deployment runs smoothly allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

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