VRMA Vendor Recap

Pictured: Beth Hamilton & Lester the Lobster

Vlog Post by Robin Veinotte, Director, New Business Ventures

If you follow our social media, you’d know that we attended the Vacation Rental Management Association International Show (VRMA)┬áthis year and had an excellent time at the trade show MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

One of our favorite parts of the trade show was getting to meet the excellent vendors who were exhibiting at the show alongside us. Everything from towels to property management systems, there was a vendor for just about everything. It should come as no surprise, though, that the vendors we were particularly interested in were those with WiFi enabled tech.

One large takeaway for us at this show was that these WiFi enabled tech vendors (otherwise referred to IoT, or Internet of Things, vendors) are suggesting a higher quality of product when it comes to Vacation Rental networks. Without the security and ease of operation with these networks, on-boarding and maintaining these new technologies can be cumbersome and challenging. Not to mention the security risk for the technologies that customers are choosing to run their businesses.

We are looking forward to engaging with these vendors and providing an enterprise level of service, software, and hardware so that our mutual customers are able to operate efficiently and therefore scale themselves quickly.

If you haven’t heard from us yet or weren’t able to stop by our booth and say hi, reach out to me at robin.veinotte@solutioninc.com.

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