Impact of being a global company

Written by: Beth Hamilton, Product & Marketing Manager

It is no secret that when you become a global organization, your business changes significantly. In today’s market, it can be difficult to be successful while only servicing customers locally or even nationally; going global is almost a requirement. We’ve been a global company for many years working in the Internet and network fields for more than twenty years. I’m old enough to remember the first computer that my friend had and the most amazing games ever – pong and frogger! But it’s otherwise hard for me to remember a time without consistent WiFi access and google in the palm of my hand. And the reality is that many parts of the world still aren’t caught up to North American standards of connectivity.

These new and developing markets are prime for us. We’re market leaders, our experience is unparalleled, and our average employee tenure is over 10+ years.  But it makes things interesting for our marketing and operations when we go into these markets (never mind the differences is technology), and we aren’t alone in this struggle. Even Apple, Ford and Microsoft have made a few mistakes. In 1985 Coke reformulated to a “New Coke” and a mere 79 days later they had to switch back to their original recipe amid complaints from passionate consumers (see Forbes article for more interesting examples).

We have worked hard to ensure that our product serves multi-lingual functionality, even including some accessibility features to ensure that individuals with visual impairments are able to utilize our products with comfort and ease.  It makes my life interesting as we are in the midst of creating a language driven website – especially when different cultures consume information in different methods. Thankfully I have co-workers from a variety of backgrounds and countries to help make decisions on things that we should/shouldn’t do with regards to our marketing materials.

What I must say I really noticed, having just returned from a conference in Las Vegas, was the number of venues that are looking to outsource their Internet and WiFi related help desk issues. I can understand not wanting to service those 2AM phone calls from non-tech-literate Nanna who forgot how to turn on her flip phone, especially if you have a heavily multi-cultural clientele. And it’s here where I am going to insert out #shamelessplug:

We are proud to have a 24/7 service desk for our customers; our team is specially trained to work through issues with you and your customers in order to get folks online. Right now we need someone to add to our tech team that has the technical skills but can also talk the talk in Spanish. We’re excited to say that we’re growing in multiple markets and right now, Spanish is something that we need to improve upon.

If you speak Spanish & think that you’re a fit, check out our job posting:

Our team welcomes individuals from all walks of life & hope to hear from you!

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