Developing Markets

Written by: Jerry Mosher, Solution Specialist

FHA 2018: another great event.  For those unfamiliar, that’s the Foodnhotelasia, Asia’s premiere bi-annual industry trade show.  There is lots of activity happening in the technology scene that is heavy on user experience.  I very quickly noticed data analytics (think dashboards), self-service, surveys, and end-user connectivity are key drivers for growth.  All these growth areas focus on gaining personal insight to our customer’s experience.  This gives us the ability to know where we shop, where we eat, and where we play.  All with the click of a button, and all with the ability to self-serve. And what is one thing that everyone needs and, in many cases, is willing to give you their information for? WiFi access.

I did leave Asia with one impression: even though the world has advanced in WiFi technology, we still have a long way to go.  While in Asia, I had to purchase a wireless data roaming package from a local telco just to get online and get my work done.  This speaks to another area that is underdeveloped in robust wireless coverage and therefore impacting user experience.  We have networks installed, we have service, but we don’t have a robust network that can handle today’s connected user, and businesses are missing out on analytics.

Gone are the days of just installing a network and saying that Internet is available and charging a premium.  That network needs to be an extension of your brand, your message, your ability to say you are there to help me get my work done.  We cannot afford to hope that Internet will be available.  Internet must be available, and it must be reliable, and it must be robust.


Left: Mr Tang, the Asia Pacific Japan Channel Manager for Aruba Networks/HP, Wayne Wei of SolutionInc.
Right: Jerry Mosher and Wayne Wei of SolutionInc.