The Network Is Sexy Again

Written by: Rob George, SolutionInc Sr. Solutions Architect

Cisco Connect 2018 was a welcomed event after a 2 year hiatus in Halifax. Held at the new Halifax Convention Center, it was a chance to re-connect and discover what’s new in the world of network technologies.

About 10 years ago the focus was shifted from the network to the applications and services that would run on them. We have now circled around again and it is time for these networks to grow and expand to support the ever increasing demand of the applications and services on the market today. This task falls to the solution integrators to design new networks that will provide the platforms and infrastructure needed to deliver these services today and in the future.

To take a quote from the event “the network is sexy again”.

cisco connect 2017

Andrew McCracken (left) and Rob George (right) at the 2018 event.

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